Here are 5 simple tips that can help you cope with your anxiety on a day to day basis.

When your anxiety starts:

  1. PauseTake deep breaths- breathe deeply. Deep breathing is important to slow the heart rate and nervous system down. Once you can calm your body down, you can begin to think more clearly.
  2. Connect to your body. Focus your attention on your body, where you are sitting, how the seat feels against you, the rise and the fall of your chest, what you can see/hear around you. This will slow your mental process down.
  3. Reflect. Analyse what kinds of thoughts you were having that preceded your anxious state. Were your thoughts particularly negative? Were you asking “what if” questions or magnifying situations in your mind?
  4. Question. If you were thinking negatively, start to question your thoughts. Ask are they really true? Here you want to see how valid your negative thoughts are, think of alternative thoughts and realities and begin to develop a new, healthier perspective on the situation.
  5. Reassure yourself. Whatever the situation is, tell yourself, just like you would tell a friend, that things are going to be ok. This self-reassurance is incredibly important in allowing yourself to feel safe and secure in difficult situations. With new

With new confidence and a healthy perspective you can begin to choose to act appropriately.

If you experience anxiety and you are unable to locate the cause you may find why am I so anxious? helpful. Sometimes the source of anxious states are deeply rooted and managing it on a day to day level may only help to a degree.


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