Many of us have unfortunate pasts and because of this we are devoid of love. We can develop many forms of self esteem issues, doubts and fears. We begin to believe that we may not really be loveable or that love is not really out there.

The thing is, our past forms our present perception and it is this faulty perception created that is actually the problem-not that we are not lovable.

So how do we change it? These following practices can help increase our capacity to love, which will inadvertently draw love into our lives. It’s just about getting ourselves out of our faulty perceptions and doing something different. We will then see the results in our lives. Try the following exercises for 1 week and see the difference that you feel:

1. Take 3 mins every morning to sit in a quiet place, breathing gently and as you inhale deeply, visualise your heart filling with light, watch your heart expand and watch the light spread to all parts of your body.

As you’re doing this, you can add in various affirmations, such as:

“I fully open my heart to giving and receiving love”

“Love surrounds me”

“I allow love to enter into my life”

2. Every night write down 3 things you have been grateful for from that day and in the morning, read over them. Research has found this actually helps alleviate depression. Why? Because this exercise helps you change your perspective, it helps you begin to notice what you can be happy about rather than focusing on the negative aspects of your day.

3. Try doing small acts of kindness; making an extra lunch for someone at work, carrying someone’s bags for them or help with the washing up. You will notice how the experience of giving will allow joy into your own heart which will A. feel great for you! B. Make you appear more attractive, drawing more people towards you rather then repelling them and C. Others will feel they want to reciprocate the loving gestures- bringing more love into your life!

The main reason why I talk about these exercises, is so that you start some where. People do not feel loved because they do not give love. So just start giving and you may see a difference!


2 thoughts

  1. Great advice “So just start giving”. Can you do a blog on acceptance? Whilst accepting yourself, it gets knocked by the misconception of not being accepted by others leading to isolation….tough

    1. Thank you. That’s a good topic suggestion I can write about. It is something I explore with clients; this difficulty of not feeling accepted by others and how that impacts one.

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