Have you ever kept a secret? A secret kept out of fear of other people’s judgment of you? And has that secret become a heavy burden to carry? Unfortunately that is the case for many and many especially in the ethnic communities. There are many people that walk around in life…30…40…50 and 60 + years with a heavy bag strapped over their shoulders full of secrets. If you look carefully you can see this heavy bag in the form of sadness, anger, resentment, uncontrolled emotions, false smiles and pretenses in the form of social pleasantries.

In my opinion people are too concerned of what other people think of them. Unfortunately this way of thinking builds a prison like cell, which keeps problems silenced. Many people suffer within this secret cell. Survivors of domestic abuse, children who have survived instances of forced marriages, physical abuse, sexual abuse and years of mental and emotional abuse. Whats wrong with keeping these things hushed? The problem is… no one gets help… and cycle of distress through generations continue. Who wants to live such an unhappy life? “Kismat” (destiny) You say? Lord Krishna in the Bhagavad-Gita gave full knowledge to Arjuna and in the end said “now do as you wish”. Therefore we all have free will to decide whether we stay in a situation that leads to continued suffering and we decide whether we are happy or not.

As humans we have amazing strength and to stay in years of suffering and pain actually takes a lot of strength. But wouldn’t be nice if we could begin to decide to live a happier life? To decide that we no longer need to live a lie to impress people we do not like? The great thing is, we have the key to leave our prison cell of secrets. Talk to someone and take off the heavy bag of sadness and trauma you have so committedly held on to. Its time to let go.

Mental Health Secrets-YouTube


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