I think the real test of character, is how one is, when they are stripped down to having nothing.
When we look at the way people are at one moment in their life, we may see a very confident, happy, courageous person. However sometimes this confidence is very much dependant on external factors; a beautiful partner, a big house, a fancy car or an prestigious job.

For someone who values them self only on the basis of external assets, will have people around them that will only value them for those superficial things also.

Often what people have defines who they are.

What about when all that is lost?

If one’s identity it enmeshed in these external features, then one’s very self will be lost, when the externals disappear. And disappear they will one day.

We need to imagine: with all things gone, with everything put away… Who am I? Where am I? And what am I doing? …What are my values? And what is my purpose?

When we know these, no loss or gain will shake us to the point of breaking. Because like a river’s nature is to keep moving along it’s path and it’s goal to the sea, so will we live our path, fulfilling our goals which are to be.

We will live based on who we are and not what we have.

So the externals can be stripped away and when we know who we are, we will be ready for that day.


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